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Services Provided to Assist With:

Financial Decisions
  • Property Evaluations - require the determination of reserves, forecasting of oil and gas production, estimating product prices and expenses, and the development of future cash flow estimates. Results are used to aid in corporate planning, banking matters, taxing issues, regulatory reporting, sales and acquisitions, or simply as a measure to monitor corporate growth.

    Fair market value estimates can be prepared after giving consideration to the quality and quantity of reserves, reserve determination methodology, price and expense data, comparable sales, plus current economic and industry conditions.
  • Property Acquisitions - include the screening of prospects, assisting in data rooms, detailed property evaluations, development of bid strategies, and identifying possible sources of financing.
  • Property Sales - assistance is offered in the preparation of sales materials, organization and administration of data rooms, and identification of properties no longer appropriate to the company's future strategic plans.
  • Investment Analysis and Economic Evaluation - includes the geologic and reserve assessment of specific prospects or entire drilling programs. Evaluations would typically include cash flow projections, rate of return determinations, and risk assessment. During development, these services might include monitoring and reviewing of operations, operating expenses, and representation of the client at operating meetings and regulatory hearings.
  • Due Diligence - involves the review of appraisals prepared by client company personnel or by other third party consultants. Such reviews typically focus on the most significant properties to confirm the reserves and the methodology used in reserve determination and include a review of capital and operating expenses. Cash flow sensitivity studies using alternate pricing scenarios may also be provided.

    Independent opinions of the potential value of oil and gas assets have become a fundamental requirement of the financial community for public investments in the oil and gas industry. These studies for the financial community are to ensure that the published estimates of reserves and cash flow that support an offering are based on standardized and acceptable evaluation procedures.